Thyme is in our hands


Thyme is in our Hands…

It’s Time for Thyme!

…the gateway to eternity…

In August, 2019, a small group of people joining the Co-creative Gardening Collective had a brief tune into Thyme. One of the messages received was that there was about to be a local epidemic and that Thyme would be specific for it along with another plant. This was 6 or 7 months before the corona ‘pandemic’. But this little message remained in my head for a few months until I dropped it as nothing appeared to eventuate. A few weeks into the current pandemic (mid April 2020), I remembered and felt it was time for some Thyme tuning. Sending out a call for plant whisperers to join, a potent group of around 70 people came together online for three days. Our intention: to collectively tune into Thyme to more deeply understand its medicine.

The potency of having…

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