Make Your World Better

HUGS and MUCH LOVE to you all.


Pink lotus
Beautiful pink lotus by Melodie Estes

For several weeks I’ve had trouble writing a new blog post. I believe the extraordinary, unique stresses, fears, anxieties, irregularities, isolation and other factors from the Covid 19 virus have made it difficult for me to focus and write.

Unsuccessfully I tried three times to write one blog post with words that could bring some peace, light and/or love into the areas of hate, fear, suffering, and confusion in our world. Perhaps many of you have had similar ambiguities in your thoughts. I too never really knew what to say, until now.

“We are all in this together” has been the latest catch phrase. But not all of us are suffering like so many are. Many of those, who are able, are giving what they can of their time and money to help others. But we may not have time and money to help…

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One thought on “Make Your World Better

  1. Hugs and love to you as well. My 2nd favorite flower, sparked one of my favorite statements after 3+ years of a torrential experience. Someone asked me, “Now that you’re free of it, what now?” To which, “Ha! Time to grow a Lotus out of this mud.” My hope for people in these times is that they can adapt so that their mud is their greatest nourishing platform to “not waste trouble, face it, and grow their Lotus out of the mud.” It’s beyond difficult for many, and I will in no way minimize any of it. 1 I don’t feel experience and pain is relative. We all have our own, and our own scales and intensity and comparison and competition energy weakens and defeats people, and 2 I have no way of knowing/feeling what they are feeling unless they share it. I may know/feel from the air/environment, though I would be remiss to pipe up and stir their mud.

    Thank you for the Lotus. It brings up powerful memories of triumph after long periods of perseverance. And, by triumph I do not mean conquest or even winning. My intent is that I came out with more of myself present than was blown off. I’m thankful for the Michelangelo-removing-the-stone-around-who-I-am to free the identity from within the marble.

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