You’ll be okay

You are stronger that you give yourself credit for.
God bless.

The Butterfly Effect

It’s been hard hasn’t it?
This year has brought an unprecedented range of disasters, loss and injustice that a lot of us have never had to live through and it’s been hard.
This entire year has been nothing short of overwhelming so take a step back if you need to.
Remember that you can only give as much as you have so take time out for yourself first.
Breathe. Take a break. You deserve it.
And never hold back your tears.
It takes incredible strength to let go so cry as much as you need to for as long as you need to.

You’ll be okay.
That’s one of my favourite things to say, because if you can take one more breath then you can take another. If you can go one more minute you can go an hour. If you can go one more day you can go a…

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