At a standstill?

There is always tomorrow.
But only if you alive.


I haven’t felt so lost and confused about my goals and the route through which I want to achieve them. It’s becoming an abstract vision by the day.

Sometimes, the enthusiasm to keep going are as cold as ghost. Everything seem more complicated. The eyes can see all the things that could go wrong, the “not enough” label is overwhelming.

The path already tried brought hardly any efficient result, so nothing ignite excitement. The urge to try again is weak.

I’m so lonely.

This clearly is someone close to depression. What would you advise a person close to giving up on life? How would you change their narrative?

A lot of people need help but they aren’t asking. Your closest friend has shadows he is trying to evade.

How would you help?

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3 thoughts on “At a standstill?

  1. And, there is also today, alive, to dial in and inspect expectations. I am a PRO PROcrastinator, though that most often falls to s o many projects at the tip of my fingers to work on.

    “I haven’t felt so lost and confused about my goals and the route through which I want to achieve them. It’s becoming an abstract vision by the day.”

    Excellent! You’re right where you need to be. Dreams are up THERE, where they should be. Goallessness and being comfortable with the not-knowing while getting things done, makes them happen, builds foundations up to those abstracts. Aren’t reasons unreasonable? Who are we asking when we do that? Rite of passage of the child becoming the parent of the Person, and it’s all Yours. Right?

    Lost? Excellent. Doesn’t that indicate you are in the right place? The place of the unknown where discovery and treasure live? I say, when you lose the control, you steer and shift n corner BABY, better. Site reading the track of life isn’t easy, though isn’t it worth it? ‘Becoming an abstract vision b the day’ ? Doesn’t that also mean you are on the right track? In the abstraction, do you find your freedom to express your intent actionably in watts to access your personal fluid fluency to orchestrate seamless segues towards achieving you dreams? Goals are often simply gigs to aim at to get past the initial inertia. Dreams? Sounds like you are wonderfully on the right track.

  2. Whenever I am sad and have lost enthusiasm for living, I usually read books on positive thinking or articles about people who have overcome great setbacks and obstacles in life. I realized that there are people who have faced worst life situations than I do. And then I start to bounce back!

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