So what I can do now???

I’m sure I’m not alone asking myself that question lately.
For months now I’m searching,researching,trying to find some good news…
I want to do something useful. And I need to make some money too.

You see, I’m old and disable. I’m 73 y.o. and I have this chronic pain allover my body.
There are 4 major types of pain:
1. Result of injury
2. Inflammatory pain
3. Pain caused by nerve irritation
4. Pain without obvious origin
I have all 4 of’em. 🙂 . And I can not take painkillers, because my kidneys and liver are malfunctioning due to excess of chemo and radiation. I have more health issues, but I don’t want to talk about that today. And I’m not complaining. Some people suffer more than I do. I’m counting my blessings every day.
I’m just being realistic.

So finding a job is not an option for me anymore.
Two months ago I almost got the job. Friend of my Friend needed someone to live with her and help with some light chores. But the Lady got sick and died of corona virus in nursing home. well, she is in better place now, But I give up looking for job.

So what I can do now???
Well, I have a blog. And I have an e-book on Amazon.
In 8 years I got 600.000 visitors on my blog.
And few 5 star reviews on Amazon.

And people are asking me: “are you making any $$ with you blogging?”
“Are you making any $$ with you book?”
And I will say:”Nooooooo….. I don’t know how…..”

Finally, two weeks ago I ask my Friend who knows lot more about computers than I do, if she can figure out how I can sell my e-book on my blog.She did some research and she told me that this is too complicated and she can not do it.
But two days ago she called me and she said that she found a very easy way to do it.
Gumroad Affiliate Company – they are selling digital products on line for you, and is lot easier to get started selling than go on you own.
So I’m very excited about this all. Is going to take some time for me to figured out this all, but I can do it.
Now I have a goal. Now i have new reason to keep going.
Writing, sharing, inspiring, helping others this what I like to do.
And if doing so I can make some $$ on my e-book this makes me even happier.

Thank you for visiting.
Be save.
God bless

7 thoughts on “So what I can do now???

  1. First – CONGRATS! Hope your book sales boom and I can’t wait till you write more about it. I have not been that brave – yet. I wanted to share a story with you.about one of our best friends found out he had cancer just as Medical Marijuana became available in Colorado. He was one of the first to receive the med card for it (initially it was the only way to get it, now it’s sold everywhere in CO). He has a condition where regular pain killers do not work. they simply flush right through his body. Once he started taking the Pot (he smoked it as it was the only available at the time) his whole outlook changed. His body hurt less and his appetite gained more. This was all about 10 years ago and he is still around and now doing very well today (FYI – I am 61 and he is almost 70). My daughter also has had high anxiety issues but she now takes the CBD meds. They have calmed her, stopped her tremors, and no headaches. I just wanted to share that in case you were looking into options for your pain. She believes in it so much that she now works at one of the bigger distribution centers in our state. Part of her job is to share her experience with people coming in with concerns. Hope this helps you and please – keep pushing on!! Can’t wait to hear more about your book!! Thank you for sharing.

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