My e-book. Take 2.

If you are looking for perfect book about perfect life, you don’t want my book, because my life and my book are very far from perfection.
My book is about how I have survived my childhood and the rest of my life by simply believing that if God wants me to be OK, nothing can destroy me. But if is my time to die,nothing can save me.
So I just keep living…
I wrote this book not because I’m a writer and I want to be published author, but because I have to. Because I wanted to inspire someone,Maybe save a life…
Because if I have survive all what was happening to me, so can you.
I’m 73 yo now, and I keep surviving…
And I never complain. I keep living my, I can say, interesting life.

This what Melodie Elaine Estes said about my book:
AMAZING LIFE. I wish I could meet this lady. What an amazing life she has had. Her survival is a blessing to the rest of us because she is a shining light of hope to others going through hard times.

Thank you for visiting.
God bless.

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