Writers block.

For over two years I was experiencing writers block, the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.
I was able to write only few posts and to keep my blog alive I was rebloging other bloggers interesting pages.
But somehow I believed that some day I will write again.
You see, I have suppose to be an inspirational writer, but it is very hard to sound inspirational, when you have hard time to inspire yourself. 🙂
You see, there were so many things happening in my life, that when I started to write about one thing, something new was already happening, so yesterdays page become meaningless.
Sometimes I’m able to live my life. Sometimes it becomes SURVIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME.
But I never complain.
I’m sure that if GOD wanted me to have a different life, I will have it.
But maybe I wouldn’t like it. 🙂
There are many people, that I will say, have a better lives than me, but they are complaining every day anyway… 🙂
And on the top of my problems this years continuing bad news dragged me down.
They say: “Don’t watch the news”.
I say: “I prefer to be informed”.
Of course, not everything is the truth what they are saying, but when there is a smoke, there must be fire somewhere…
Shortly speaking, in spite of this all, I have survived and I found new reason to go on.
My AWESOME FRIEND is helping me to sell my e-book.
We have lot more work to do, but I believe the e-book will sell, so I can inspire some more people and finally make some money…
Few years ago I abandoned promoting my book, because I didn’t like it.
I was trying to find someone who will fixed and make it better.
But some people like it anyway, so I decided to give it try…
This what Sandra K. Heggenon said after she read my book:
“In spite of authors self proclaimed poor or inadequate English, this book is a real pleasure to read. Her joie de vivre comes through on every page and carries the reader onward. I read it in one sitting and wished for more. She is definitely an inspiration, especially to those of us who share several of her challenges. Thank you Annie”.
Well, see for yourself. If your life is less than perfect, you are going to like my book…

Thank you for visiting.
God bless

3 thoughts on “Writers block.

  1. Have you thought about monetizing your blog and just keep publishing or re-blogging the posts that interest you? I don’t know what might be involved in that and/or how much you might make, but it was the idea that popped into my mind, so I shared it 😉 BTW, good luck on your book promotion.

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