My e-book. Take 4.

I’m very happy. My e-book is selling. So far only 4 people bought the book, but I’m very excited. This is just the beginning. Have to keep going, upgrade my blog. Me and my awesome friend (my assistant 🙂 ) we have a lot work to do to make this work. My friend, she is busy person, so I don’t want to put to much pressure on her, but I have time… There is not much else that I could do lately… But I can write and research. It keeps me busy. Sometimes I’m thinking what my life would be now without my laptop, my blog and my book… Scary to even think about it. Sitting on the couch with few clicks I can visit my friends from allover the World, read their stories, send some cyber hugs, prayers… And I appreciate every LIKE, every COMMENT. And if I can inspire someone with my clumsy writing, this makes me very happy.

Here is one of the reviews of my book by K:

Oneanna65, as she prefers to be called, combines memory,, poetry, social media, recipes and faith guided introspection in her book. She is the fighter from the start, though positive in her outlook. From the autobiographical start, to poetic revelations, and excerpts of her most memorable posts, she has you not only rooting for her, but thinking, “Wow, this is perseverance”. In the beginning she shares the quote: “From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story that says I have survived”. – From Words Of Wisdom- MHAR. Anna ask not for sorrow towards her struggles, but invites us to live with optimism, faith, receptiveness to health, and renewal of the will. Anna does mention several times that her English is not the best, but I find the imperfections invaluable to the work. It made the book absorbing to read. I admired that she was willing to share her intricacies of her ailments… … …

Well, this what one lady thought about my book…

Who knows, maybe you’re going to like it… All what you have to do is to follow ” Buy my E-book” link and you will discover, that you can survive anything, if you believe that you can…

Thank you for visiting.

God bless, be save.


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