Echinamide Echinacea for a Healthy Immune System

B healthy with ECHINACEA!
God bless.

By: Leigh Matthews

Scientists have learned a lot about the benefits of echinacea to the immune system since the 1930s, when they started studying the herb in earnest. Indigenous peoples in North America have also been using echinacea in traditional herbal medicine for centuries. These stunning pink echinacea flowers are a common sight in many gardens in Canada and the herb is a medicine cabinet favourite. But just how does echinacea help your immune system?

In short, echinacea supports the immune system by identifying viruses sooner, containing them quicker, and eliminating them faster. The result is reduced symptoms and a quicker recovery from viral infections. Echinacea is one of the most thoroughly researched and most popular herbal supplements.

When faced with harmful pathogens, the immune system responds in two ways: non-specific and specific. The non-specific immune system is the first line of defense for all infections, mounting a general but…

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