Musing – #Destiny

Parallel universe???
Something to think about…
God bless.

Ink Words and Spells

We are handed a book,
Blank and new
Do we know
We hold a pen too
To all the ‘once upon a time’
Have you dared to rewrite;
The story of your life
Was written through other’s view;
You know well alone
The ins and out;
Turbulence and quest
The story they wrote
Read it out loud by them
Listening to it are you satisfied
Or does it leave you shocked!
Are you a stranger to you?
The one whose story you heard
Is it fallacy
Or a skewed truth?
Pages left unfilled
The pauses and gaps;
Do you wish you could have written better
Then what is stopping you from the act…
Our beginnings are the same
The silence of blank pages
You are the protagonist of your story
Turn out the pages;
Scribble, paint, cut, design
Write your story in your craft
It may be imperfect,
Yet who…

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