Hawthorn berry for heart failure.

They say:

Crataegus monogyna or Hawthorn has been used for cardiac and circulatory disorders since the first century AD. Hawthorn demonstrates numerous properties that may be beneficial in a heart failure including anti-arrhythmic activities, and the ability to increase coronary blood flow and cardiac output.

Hawthorn extract improves chronic heart failure.

Hawthorn berries are loaded with antioxidants, they have anti-inflammatory properties, may lower blood pressure, may decrease the blood fats, aid digestion, prevent hair loss, may reduce anxiety.

Well, what I can tell you from my own experience they are saving my life.

7 years ago I have a heart attack. After 3 days in the hospital, being tortured with all the test I have had enough. I told the doctor: “I’m going home”. The doctor said: “You gonna dye if you have a blood clot”. So I told him: “If I dye I’m gonna go to heaven. Do you have a problem with that?”Finally they let me go. They give me 3 prescriptions for pills. And I said” “You just told me that my liver is bad and my kidneys, If I take those pills I’m gonna lose my liver and kidneys. Thanks anyway for caring” And I left, living prescriptions behind.

I was in really bad shape. I have a dizzy spells, I was out of breath all the time, have a chest pains and irregular heart beat.

And then my friend told me about Hawthorne berry. I got a bottle of capsules. Two weeks later I was felling better. Six weeks later I was totally OK.

You see, I have a high blood pressure when I’m under stress or if someone pisses me of, then I have a chest pain so I take high dose Aspirin ( the one that dissolves in my mouth ) and 10 minutes later pain is gone. And then I have to take some Hawthorn berry again and I’m OK again for some time…

My friend told me: “Some day you gonna die from taking all those herbal remedies”. And I told her: “Well, God will know that it was not a suicide, but that I was only trying to make myself feel better”. 🙂

Thank you for visiting. Do you research. Use you own judgement.

God bless


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