20 Things I Learned this 2020

Happier New Year.
God bless you all.


This year is arguably the most challenging for every one of us. Pandemic, storms, volcanic eruptions, more calamities, prolonged quarantine, social and political fiasco. You name it. We have experienced the worst this year.

On top of everything, we also encountered problems in our own families and circle of friends. Loss of a loved one, financial crisis, broken relationships, struggles in school or workplace.

And finally, a great number of us struggled silently. Even though we’ve seen more and more people becoming aware of emotional and mental health issues, many of us had to face our demons alone. We had to go through and endure the ugliest this year. We’re probably not fully healed yet but at least we made it through the end of this year. And for that alone, we deserve to celebrate.

I could spend time making a long list of my mishaps this year but I…

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2 thoughts on “20 Things I Learned this 2020

  1. Thank you for sharing these insights. This year has been inconvenient, uncomfortable, and painful, It has also been a blessing, while refining my character and outlook. I would like to share this. Happy New Year!

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