No Internet!!!

Well, I found a job. I’m very happy about it.

But I don’t have an Internet. And I’m not very happy about it.

My job, live in companion for 92 years old very nice lady is little challenging, but I think I can do it. Nice, clean small house, I have my own room. Job is easy, but with my health problems is a challenge. I think, that the old lady is in better shape than I am. πŸ™‚ But es long as I’m not falling down or dropping the things, I shall be OK.

My boss, her son say, that they gonna install the Internet in 3 weeks. Well, that’s a very long time. Today I have a day of so I’m visiting with my friends, using their Internet.

My friend asked me: “Do you have a smart phone? You can do some stuff on the phone”.

I told her:”My phone used to be smart, but now is old, and is acting kind a stupid….” πŸ™‚

And the old lady said: “You can play some games on on your phone.”

Well, I’m not a game player anymore. I don’t like to watch TV. Maybe some news and Wheel of Fortune.

Internet is my window to the World. With few clicks I can watch what I want… and connect with people who I like….

So, anyway I hope I can survive those 3 weeks…

Thank you for visiting. Wish me a strength to survive…

God bless


6 thoughts on “No Internet!!!

  1. Wishing you well in internet land – I have a smarter than me phone which I use to call/text/monitor emails and play spider solitaire on – for blogging, work, website work, etc.? I like my full sized monitor/computer and too old to DARE trying to do such things on a tablet or phone full of ‘pared down apps’ – – LOL Take care – congrats on the job and sounds like, overall – you have landed in a position that takes you as you are and willing to work with you but where, overall, you’ll get some ‘companionship’ yourself – – maybe your charge can show you the app for Wheel of Fortune game that works on your phone model/system! πŸ˜€

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