God Hears Our Prayers

Heart Surrendered Poetry

“I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me.”

Psalm 120: 1

One amazing faith booster in Scripture is how the Psalmist had such an amazing trust in God (not always of course). With this one beautiful verse we can be encouraged. We can be inspired that yes, we can actually call on the Lord, the God of all the universe in our distress, and that He loves us….. His creation, enough to answer our prayers.

On a personal note I can tell you that the Lord God has answered my prayers so many times I have lost count!

Ain’t that so cool?! God is love.

Lord God, we thank You that you are very real, and right here with us, and You hear our prayers!

We praise You our God!


Prayer Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2021 walkingthroughpsalms

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4 thoughts on “God Hears Our Prayers

  1. I was raised with the total belief that God hears and answers all prayers – – and that sometimes the answer is No – and I modified my prayers in my young adulthood to say, “And If I’m missing the message, can you please deliver it in a way I cannot fail to miss what I should be looking at?” and well – – I prayed for it – and now have to live with it – for decades – – LOL

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