An amazing herb from the Amazon PAO PEREIRA

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Even to try with pancreas cancer, ovarian cancer etc PAO PEREIRA TINCTURE(tinctura Geissospermum vellosii) from AMAZON HERBS® Overview Pao Pereira is an indigenous tree from the Amazon rainforest and traditionally used as a febrifuge (lowers fever) by the indians.Further and most importantly, it is used as an…

The Smell Of Lavender Reduces Anxiety

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Lavender also has practically no side-effects in comparison to drugs like benzodiazepines and SSRI antidepressants. The smell of lavender reduces anxiety, research confirms. Lavender also has practically no side-effects in comparison to drugs like benzodiazepines and SSRI antidepressants. Benzodiazepines, in particular, can cause headache, dizziness and an effect like…


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Lord God, You not only give us confidence when we follow, You but You are our confidence! As we surrender our hearts, the power of trusting in You is released into our lives. Only You are completely trustworthy! And we know, that we know, that we know, You love…

The Necessary Delusion

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a bird may soarto 30,000 feetbut eventuallymust stop to eat this freedom we chaseis only found in delusionimagine until you sleepthere is no other conclusion free is a bungee jumpfleeting as you falluntil the cord remindsyou’re tethered to the wall we are all boundequally by physical lawsand time has no…


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We tell stories Of theys and thems But “not me”, And divide into Sheep and asleep: Others and outsiders. We pretend we’re A separate kind And not takers From the common Provision and plan. We walk in Our hubris lock steps, And thumb our noses At the masses Amassing outside…

My 74 Birthday.

So here I’m, 74 years old and I can walk, talk and write but I’m having difficulties wit breathing and swallowing. I’m in the Hospital. In one of the best Hospitals in Illinois. After 10 days of tests, scans, x-rays they come up with grim diagnosis: Terminal Lung Cancer. But they are not saying exactly… Read More My 74 Birthday.

Quote about yourself

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Hello everyone!In this post, I have found yet another amazing quote for everyone who is reading my blog to feel inspired, motivated, and overall, to feel good about yourself and others. I really hope you enjoy! “Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those you mind…