500 000 Views!

Yes, I have 1/2 a Million all time Views on my Blog! That’s a lot. It all started on March 5th 2012 when I posted my first page “Cancer Killing Recipe”. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I was told that I have to post more pages, so i kept writing and posting…… Read More 500 000 Views!

About <3 .

Someone send me a short e=mail 2 weeks ago and put a❤ on the end of it. I love it. Just a little red❤ , but it make me fell great about myself and my clumsy blogging. So, of course I got figured out how to make this❤ and decided to send it into Blogosphere… Read More About❤ .

Thank you!!!!!

Thank you all for your support! After I read your comments on my last post “Writing my book” I got so inspired, that I wrote two chapters of my book in 3 days! Of course, they have to be rewrite few times. But you know – fixing something is easier than creating. You are giving… Read More Thank you!!!!!

86 more days.

Or 12 Saturdays only🙂 and I’m going to be free! I can rest and write! This job is lot more complicated than I thought at first. I’m on duty about 14 hours a day – 6 & 1/2 days a week. Someone commented on my post “New job”: “I wish you success on your job”.… Read More 86 more days.

More Awards!!!

Colleen commented on my post “More Ditto” – I have nominated you for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Thank you Colleen!!! [http://lifeinthecitywithafuture.wordpress.com]. And Steven 1111 commented on my post “About” – I have just nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you Steven!!! [http://gardeningingreenwood]. And I have to say more “DITTO”. You see, all… Read More More Awards!!!