Few days ago I was scrolling thorough “Acceptance” blogs and I found this quote: “Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. It means understanding that something is what it is and there’s got to be a way thorough it.” – Michael J. Fox – Thank you Michael! I needed that. I have to accept that my pain will… Read More Acceptance.

New Remedy.

I found new remedy for gout – MSM. I Google: MSM gout treatment – and I found a page: “Gout and MSM” posted by Randi Blair. Like me, he suffered with gout for very long time. Like me, he was trying many remedies, but nothing really worked. Only MSM helped him. He is pain free!!!… Read More New Remedy.

I’m free!

So here I Am – free at last and very sick. 4 days ago I left my job and moved to my friends house. And I’m very happy!!! But I’m very tired and overwhelmed by pain. My gout is getting worse. My all body aches. But the most pain is in my legs and arms.… Read More I’m free!

My pain.

My pain is going away. Slowly. One month ago – on the scale 1:10 – It was 11… 🙂 … Now 6,7. Without painkillers! I can’t run or dance yet, but I can live with that. Now I have to keep doing what I’m doing lately so the “thing” never comes back. I’m not out… Read More My pain.