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In Genesis, we read the story of Jacob, who leaves home after some family trouble. He travels a distance and then stops to rest. Pulling up a stone as a pillow, Jacob dreams of a stairway, and sees angels ascending and descending on it. Above it all, he sees…

I’m stuck.

Hi! I’m back after many weeks of rebloging only. You see, lately I’m so very tired that I’m not able to write. But I’m writing about that I’m not able to write. 🙂 ! You know what I mean. I’m not able to write something meaningful. I’m stuck on my job. And I’m trying to… Read More I’m stuck.

Vitamin D

According to Life Extension, Vitamin D is a hormone not a Vitamin. Whatever you want to call it, most of us are deficient in it and thats a shame. Ask your Dr. to have your Vitamin D level checked. I wish I had years ago. Why? I used to sweat on the top of my…