Why be healthy?

Originally posted on The Non-Toxic Life:
I was asked this question last week when I announce that I am contemplating to go vegetarian. I was taken back for a second. I stammered. I didn’t know what to answer. Because I asked myself the most basic question. Why do I go the extra mile to be…

Remember to Remember

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More dangerous than forgetting, Is to forget that you have forgotten. More dangerous than forgetting, Is to forget there was anything to know, something to remember…. For the truth to have sunken beneath the surface and be buried on the bottom of the ocean For then, You do…


The biggest question of all: WHY? WHY I was born? WHY I’m here? What is the purpose of my life? Some people, like Beethoven, haven’t any problem with that. But for most of us is not so easy to figure out WHY. Some people don’t care. They spent their lives day by day existing –… Read More Why?

It’s the Food

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Did you know the World Health Organization classified processed meats (bacon, sausage,  ham, wieners, deli cuts, etc.) as a Class 1 Carcinogenic, or something that likely causes cancer (at the same level as smoking and asbestos)? You might have heard something in the news a couple of years ago about…