Believe in…you

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There are and will be days when things don’t go the way we hope they would.? Those are the times when you have to tell yourself that things will get better. There are times when people disappoint you and let you down.? Those are the times when you must remind…

Fresh Start

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God has gifted us with necessary endings in order that we might not be overcome with despair and discouraged to the point of giving up. Just as the day and the week and even the year may end in weariness of heart and mind and spirit, there is…

20 Things I Learned this 2020

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This year is arguably the most challenging for every one of us. Pandemic, storms, volcanic eruptions, more calamities, prolonged quarantine, social and political fiasco. You name it. We have experienced the worst this year.? On top of everything, we also encountered problems in our own families and circle of friends. Loss…

Hawthorn berry for heart failure.

They say: Crataegus monogyna or Hawthorn has been used for cardiac and circulatory disorders since the first century AD. Hawthorn demonstrates numerous properties that may be beneficial in a heart failure including anti-arrhythmic activities, and the ability to increase coronary blood flow and cardiac output. Hawthorn extract improves chronic heart failure. Hawthorn berries are loaded… Read More Hawthorn berry for heart failure.